A Campsite Setting with the Luxury of a House.

Conveniently Located Near the Gilbert, WV Connector for Easy Access to the Browning Fork Trails of the Hatfield / McCoy Trail System


1. Trails accessible by ATV from the lodge.
2. Gazebo / Grilling-Cookout area / Campfire Pit
3. Large 3 Burner Stainless Gas Grill
4. Heat / AC
5. Private balcony for the upstairs bedroom
6. Large TV with DVD/CD/CD-r/MP3 player
7. Large selection of DVD's
8. Arcade games, currently Asteroids
9. 2 showers
10. 6 bunks and 2 full size beds (futons)
11. 1 full size bed (private upstairs bedroom)
12. Convenience store within walking or riding distance

Kitchen includes:

1. Full size stove and oven
2. Full size refrigerator
3. All bottled water for drinking/cooking provided
4. Full sinks
5. Dish washer
6. Dishes and cooking utensils w/ silverware
7. Toaster
8. Microwave
9. Automatic coffee maker


"What is there on the other side of the mountain? What kind of world is it? Do people tell stories on the front of their porches? Does the laughter of the children playing echo through the valleys? Are there other mountains and other valleys and other creeks as beautiful as they are here? What is there on the other side of the mountain? Can you smell the rain and touch the wind? Can you touch the clouds with your hand and talk to God? Will there be tent revivals and dinner on the ground and music rejoicing the praises of the Lord? Can you hold the hand of your sweetheart as you're setting on a rock by the river and watch the sun set? Can you snuggle up in a feather bed as you watch the snow paint the land with another coat of serenity? What's on the other side of the mountain?"   - Terry R. Sammons, Promise Rock.

Terry Sammons conceived the original architectural design and landscaping for Promise Rock.

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